Monday, 15 November 2010

Some people may say Hvar is Sensual…We say it definitely is.

Relax and Feel
Sensuous [adjective]: perceived by or affecting the senses

Not only is Hvar a beautiful island, but when you leave, you’ll have memories of this place that you will never forget. Playing to all your senses, here are some ways that Hvar will impress your nose, eyes, mouth, and ears:

Smell – Grab a bag of “Lavandula Croatica” or a bottle of lavender oil. It’s one of Hvar’s most famous souvenirs and it will continuously remind you of the island. Hvar has fields of lavender and their fragrance is a special experience to visitors. They can be bought in souvenir and perfume shops in the town. It’s recommended for stress-relief and headaches. Just smell it, it’ll make you go “oooohhh.”

Hear - Other than the beautiful Croatian language, there are many young musical talents that you'll hear in Hvar. Check out this page of music videos of singers from Hvar – the video near the bottom are young performers singing traditional Dalmatian songs with no instruments, they’re so good!

See – The beautiful crystal blue sea and pebble beaches are there for your eyes to see. Visit various attractions on Hvar such as the Hvar’s Cathedral and Fortica Fortress to take in some architectural history. Visit the Main Square and visit the local souvenir shops for some fantastic colourful jewellery that you can take home to your family and friends. Don’t forget to also come see our Adriana Hotel, our modern and sensual designs will take your breath away!

Taste – You will never forget Dalmatian cuisine. Consists mainly of seafood, they are often cooked with spices, olive oil, garlic, and lemon. One of our must-try dishes is the black risotto which is made with squid ink sauce. Of course, don’t forget to pair your meal with a local wine from Hvar. We recently held our wine festival where we introduced the world to our local wines!

Feel – Get on a yacht and feel the crisp clean air and the warmth from the sun. Feel energized after hiking or a bicycle trip around the town. Most importantly, feel the relaxation that you rarely experience, whether it’s from lying on the beach, windsurfing on the waters, or from that massage that you greatly deserve.

What do you look forward to the most when you travel: tasting something new, seeing some historical sights, or just the feeling of relaxation?
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