Friday, 29 October 2010

Make Hvar your Culinary Location

Hvar Experience: Taste Hvar!
Deep down, we are all “foodies” - or in other terms, “enthusiasts of food.” One of the most exciting aspects of traveling overseas is trying new exotic culinary dishes. Hvar is not only a relaxing island away from your busy city life, but they also offer extraordinary Dalmatian cuisine. Are you ready for a tasty adventure of good food (or spiza as the locals would say)?

Hvar is along the Dalmatian coast and meals along this coast are heavily influenced by their Italian ancestry. The meals usually start with a pasta dish such as the always popular black risotto made with squid ink sauce. Most of the food is boiled and very light, and seasoned with homemade olive oil and seasonal herbs like chopped parsley.
Dalmatian cuisine relies heavily on the fresh fish and seafood that are caught but meat isn't forgotten. Thin slices of smoked Dalmatian ham are often on the appetizer list. Dalmatian pasticada is a meat stew (beef stuffed with lard and roasted in wine and spices) served with gnocchi.

As Hvar is famous for its wine, you can pair wine with any meal that you eat in this town. Don't forget dessert where you can try pećica na tećicu which is fresh goat's cheese fried with sugar and rožata - a juicy egg and milk pudding.

Suncani Hvar Hotels offers an amazing Taste Hvar package where all your senses will be taken on a gentle aromatic walk and culinary island picnic. You will join a Hvar botanist who guides you through the island's lush hills and valleys. Learn from his botanical knowledge as he helps you gather a variety of herbs and introduce you to a new world of aromatic wonders. Then enjoy a picnic lunch to use the herbs you have collected and spice up your meal.
Everything just sounds delicious.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Island of Hvar – Your Paradise Wedding Destination

If you are a couple looking for that special place to be married and you love adventure and romance, then look no further than Hvar! Medieval towns, palaces, ancient walls and castles will create romantic and exciting settings to make your wedding memorable for you and your closest friends and family.

Getting married in Hvar gives you the perfect opportunity to honeymoon throughout the beautiful country of Croatia or cruise on the Adriatic Sea. A stone’s throw from Italy, Austria, Hungary and Greece, it gives everyone the convenience to expand their travel after your big day.

This romantic island is a great place for your marriage ceremony. It is one of the few places where you can escape from the big city life and catch your breath and relax.
Hvar spreads out 80 km from west to east and it is truly paradise for its tourists. The two main towns are Hvar and Stari Grad. Hvar is the biggest city on the island called the “Croatian Madeira”.

Worried about rain on your wedding day? Hvar receives more than 2724 hours of sunshine each year, more than anywhere else in the country! Medieval Hvar is a small town that lies between protective pine-covered slopes and the azure Adriatic Sea.

If you are looking to organize a wedding in Hvar, you need look no further than the Suncani Hvar Hotels. For the most special day of both the bride and groom’s lives, we ensure that every aspect, from the menu and music to the flowers on the tables, is absolutely perfect. Our banqueting team is thoroughly versed in wedding management and will see that you receive a wedding in Hvar that exceeds your greatest expectations and desires.

There are a number of invaluable services that we provide:

• Availability of all our service staff as well as the assistance of an experienced Reception Advisor
• A small gift commemorating your special day
• Secure parking for guests
• We will be happy to assist with the printing of guest lists and place cards for the main table
• Our magnificent gardens and terraces are freely available for your wedding day photographs

Take a look at these pictures and just imagine your own magical Mediterranean wedding!

To arrange a personal consultation with one of our wedding reception coordinators, please contact us at +385 (0) 21 750 750 or e-mail to

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Why have a Business Conference Overseas

With huge advancements in technology and the Internet, it seems easier than ever to have meetings and conversations on Skype. However, as we are all social creatures, we still need that face-to-face interaction. Most importantly, a physical meeting where you can shake the hand or smile at your client and colleague can really solidify your working relationship. If you are the go-to person to hold business conferences for your company, why not consider having it overseas?

International Perspective: A business conference for your trade or industry would be beneficial to your company. Consider having a business conference where you invite various individuals from around the world. By having international members, you could create a worldly event where your guests can be exposed to various perspectives.

Professionalism: By having a conference overseas, you are really making an impression of how you can orchestrate an event abroad. Don’t worry; grand overseas locations are used to having events organized from another city. They will cater to your needs and things will run smoothly!

Creative Ideas: A unique event location equals creativity. By having your conference at a different location, you can get out of mundane work days and instead have open air meetings and develop teambuilding workshops.

Work Hard, Play Hard: It’s a great excuse to travel overseas... it really is. Relax, it’s okay to both work and have fun at the same time.

Wondering where you can hold your international conference? Suncani Hvar Hotels have the perfect locations for you. With 24-hour concierge service and state of the art facilities, we will make your conference a professional and memorable experience at an incredible business space. Doesn’t having a meeting and then going for a luxury massage right afterwards sound fantastic?

Click here for our Meetings, incentives, conferences and events e-brochure to find out how you can make this heavenly town the next location for your future conference.

For more information, please contact:

Hvar office:
Dolac 2, 21450 Hvar
Tel: +385(0)21 750 750
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Zagreb sales & marketing office:
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Monday, 25 October 2010

We're all over Social Media

Our Facebook Page!

Whether it's globe-trotting news, travel tips, or a special deal from our hotels, Suncani Hvar Hotels keeps you informed with what matters to you when it comes to travel and discovering new ways you can make your dream vacation a reality.

Through our tweets on Twitter or status changes on Facebook, we can provide you with choices that help you make smarter travel decisions. We’re on Social Media so you can always be updated with what's going on, on whichever platform you prefer.

Facebook: Our Facebook page is filled with timely updates on travel news and the latest packages from Suncani Hvar Hotels. You can also see videos and photos of our latest events. Not only that, there are also amazing pictures of our fans from their visits to Hvar! We just added a “Blog” tab where you can see all the latest posts from our blog – just press follow and you'll receive the latest updates!

Twitter: Are you a Tweet Geek? We update our Twitter page several times a day so you will never miss a beat of what’s going on with our hotels. Our tweets are perfect for the person on the go.

YouTube: Did you know we have a YouTube channel? We totally do, and if you’re not keen on reading text and looking at photos, then you must watch our videos. We just uploaded a video featuring the Wine Festival we hosted in September – go check it out!

Suncani Hvar Hotels Blog: Need more information? Our blog posts feature a wide range of information that will encourage you to travel! Read more on experiencing our Yoga Retreats, spotting celebrities in Hvar, planning your perfect destination wedding, and more!

Don't forget, you can visit our website and telephone, email, and Skype chat us with any of your questions!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Let Them Drink Wine – the Wine Festival in Hvar

Arsenal at the Main Square

Suncani Hvar Hotels hosted the first Wine Festival of its kind in the region during September and to say it was a success is an understatement. An event that lasted for three days, guests visited local vineyards to experience the authentic flavor and aroma of Hvar.

Guests included members of the Hvar winemakers association, local residents of the town, and foreign tourists. They all came together to celebrate the local wines while being introduced to the Hvar culture and beautiful landscapes.

During the three days, attendees enjoyed a grand reception at the Palace Hotel, tasted amazing food, harvested wine grapes, listened to great stories, and experienced fabulous entertainment by local groups; and of course, they tasted delicious local wines!

On the last night of the Wine Festival, guests came together for the big event – Arsenal held at the Main Square. It was a wine tasting of all the best wines of Hvar hosted by local wine producers. Other than the delicious finger food, amazing Hvar art, and authentic Hvar products, there was also entertainment provided by local vocal group Klapa Galesnik and ensemble Bagulin.

There was such a great response and attendance that we might consider making it a traditional event, what do you think? Did you attend our 1st Hvar Wine Festival? Will you come back to Hvar for our Wine festival next time? Tell us on Facebook and tweet us, we'd love to hear what you think!

Click here for the Hvar Wine Festival video and see it all in motion!

The testimonials of guests that joined us at the Hvar Wine Festival:
Parry (Seatle, USA): We love it! We are on our honeymoon and this is our first time in Croatia. We picked the grapes, enjoyed the wine, which are a bit sweeter then US wines.. We are already planning a trip back!
Guest (Zurich, Switzerland): Very friendly country, with good food and excellent wines. We didn't even know that the wines are that good. We'll definitely return.
Jonathan (journalist from UK): I am writing article about this part of Croatia. British know little about it and I think they should know more about islands, small towns, nice people..There is something magic about this island, and it is definitely worth investigating!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Need to de-stress? Time for Yoga.

Relax, breathe, and connect.

For me, yoga is not just a workout - it's about working on yourself” - Mary Glover

Stressed? Just breathe. It's time for a yoga retreat. Take time to de-stress, cultivate inner peace and reconnect with joy.

Whether you’re a new or experienced practitioner, taking a yoga retreat holiday may be one of the best things you'll ever do. You can take some time out and learn more about this peaceful activity.
Retreats generally offer free time each day and you can decide how to spend it. You can meditate in the morning, enjoy your all-natural meal, relax by the pool, and then detox in the sauna. You could jumpstart an exercise routine, practice breathing exercises, and then pamper yourself with a massage. These could be the days in your yoga retreat. Doesn't that sound wonderful?
Hvar is one of the best places for a yoga retreat. Not only will it allow you to travel overseas to escape from the day-to-day stress, but the town also offers a beautiful environment of breathtaking beaches and crystal blue seas that offer tranquility.
Suncani Hvar Hotels offer Renewal and Detox Yoga Retreats that you can personalize. You decide how your day goes. For your yoga holiday, you can choose from a variety of yoga classes, meditation, outdoor activities, and most importantly, you can have your private time.
The Renewal and Detox Yoga Retreat offered by Suncani Hvar Hotels includes:
• 5 or 7 nights accommodation at the Adriana in a superior room
• Adriana’s delicious vegetarian meals (breakfast, brunch and dinner)
• Daily morning and afternoon yoga classes
• Guided outdoor activities*
• Evening events
• Use of amenities: pool, fitness room, private seafront terrace, walking and sightseeing trails, and more.
*Spaces for outdoor activities are limited and require advance sign-up at the reception

5-day packages start from 439 € per person if sharing superior double room / 590 € per person in superior single room
7-day packages start from 599 € per person if sharing superior double room / 799 € per person in superior single room

For reservations please contact us at or +385(0)21750750

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Hvar - Playground of the Rich and Famous

Over the past few years, Hvar has become the ultimate playground for the rich and famous, attracting celebrities such as Steven Spielberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kevin Spacey and Eva Longoria who celebrated her wedding anniversary with husband, Tony Parker.

These days, it wouldn’t be unusual to see Sharon Stone or Paris Hilton sipping a mojito in one of Hvar’s trendy harbor front bars. Celebrities like to visit Hvar because they are left alone. Bill Gates and Clint Eastwood sail in on their yachts and no one pays any attention. No one cares. There are no paparazzi, no fans, and no autographs.

It is rumored that James Bond actor, Daniel Craig visited the island of Hvar in 2005 after filming scenes for Casino Royale in Serbia and Montenegro. George Clooney has also returned to the island after his first visit in 2004 while filming Oceans Twelve.

Hvar also attracts Royalty every year;. Princess Caroline of Monaco and the Saudi Royal Family are also rumored to spend their summers on the island or anchored in one of many harbors on their luxurious yachts.

In August 2010, Formula 1 CEO, Bernie Ecclestone hosted a VIP party on his yacht in Hvar’s Harbor. Guests included Formula 1 World Champion, Michael Schumacher, Italian designer, Valentino and billionaire, Roman Abramovich.

Have you spotted a celebrity in Hvar? Join us on Facebook and post your photos and comments. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Why You should Choose Hvar for your Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding that is Chic and Elegant
Suddenly, you're engaged. Now what? Let the wedding planning begin! The process of organizing your dream wedding will take a lot of time, so start with your major needs. Where you hold your wedding is important because the location can determine everything: decor, invitations, food, and even the bride's wedding dress (which is the most important dress of her life).

Love to travel or just like to get away? A destination wedding is definitely an option for you. Invite your friends and family members to celebrate this joyous occasion with you. Be among first that will discover Hvar, before it become a popular wedding location for various important reasons:

Effortless Romantic Atmosphere – with surrounding clear sparkly blue seas, it continuously holds the reputation as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Hvar is known to be one of the sunniest places in the world – one less worry of whether it'll rain on your wedding day!

Many Venue Options – Hvar offers various choices in terms of where you want to hold your wedding. You can say your vows on the pebble breathtaking beaches, in a chic Suncani Hvar restaurant with bayside ambiance, romantic Venetian terrace at the Palace or even on the classic marble streets in the Town Square.

Honeymoon at the Same Time – by having a destination in Hvar, you can have your honeymoon at the same time! You can have your ceremony and celebration on one day, then go off the next day to enjoy the other activities that Hvar has to offer such as Kiteboarding, speedboating, and hiking!

Most importantly, Hvar will make your wedding an unforgettable memory. It will be the place where you had the most important and the most beautiful day of your life.

Suncani Hvar Hotels offer tailor made approach to make your wedding a stress-free one. What is your perfect destination wedding? Leave a comment on this post, tell us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and tweet us!