Friday, 26 November 2010

Dobar dan. Speak the Language here in Hvar

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Today, it is possible to travel around the world and speak nothing but English the whole time. However, making the effort to speak a few words or simple phrases of a foreign language can make the travel experience that much more authentic, fulfilling, and memorable.
Embrace the foreign language part of your learning experience. You never know when you'll need it: when you're shopping, asking for directions, or ordering in a restaurant. Not sure what to expect? Check out this Youtube Video of some basic Croatian greetings.
Now that you have a sense of what the language is like, take a shot at these key Croatian phrases if you ever travel to Hvar:

How are you?
Kako Ste?

Fine Thank you, and you?
Dobro Hvala, a vi?

Good Morning
Dobro Jutro

Good Afternoon
Dobar Dan

Good Evening
Dobra Vecer

Good night
Laku noc

Pleased to meet you
Drago mi je

Thank you

You're welcome

Good, alright, fine


Good Bye
Do Vidjenja

Click on this link to the BBC language page where you can learn more Croatian! You can print the phrases out and download mp3 phrases to read along! Don't be afraid to learn and speak Croatian out loud. The more you repeat it, the more familiar you will be.
Is there a particular phrase you would like to learn? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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