Monday, 18 October 2010

Let Them Drink Wine – the Wine Festival in Hvar

Arsenal at the Main Square

Suncani Hvar Hotels hosted the first Wine Festival of its kind in the region during September and to say it was a success is an understatement. An event that lasted for three days, guests visited local vineyards to experience the authentic flavor and aroma of Hvar.

Guests included members of the Hvar winemakers association, local residents of the town, and foreign tourists. They all came together to celebrate the local wines while being introduced to the Hvar culture and beautiful landscapes.

During the three days, attendees enjoyed a grand reception at the Palace Hotel, tasted amazing food, harvested wine grapes, listened to great stories, and experienced fabulous entertainment by local groups; and of course, they tasted delicious local wines!

On the last night of the Wine Festival, guests came together for the big event – Arsenal held at the Main Square. It was a wine tasting of all the best wines of Hvar hosted by local wine producers. Other than the delicious finger food, amazing Hvar art, and authentic Hvar products, there was also entertainment provided by local vocal group Klapa Galesnik and ensemble Bagulin.

There was such a great response and attendance that we might consider making it a traditional event, what do you think? Did you attend our 1st Hvar Wine Festival? Will you come back to Hvar for our Wine festival next time? Tell us on Facebook and tweet us, we'd love to hear what you think!

Click here for the Hvar Wine Festival video and see it all in motion!

The testimonials of guests that joined us at the Hvar Wine Festival:
Parry (Seatle, USA): We love it! We are on our honeymoon and this is our first time in Croatia. We picked the grapes, enjoyed the wine, which are a bit sweeter then US wines.. We are already planning a trip back!
Guest (Zurich, Switzerland): Very friendly country, with good food and excellent wines. We didn't even know that the wines are that good. We'll definitely return.
Jonathan (journalist from UK): I am writing article about this part of Croatia. British know little about it and I think they should know more about islands, small towns, nice people..There is something magic about this island, and it is definitely worth investigating!

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