Friday, 29 October 2010

Make Hvar your Culinary Location

Hvar Experience: Taste Hvar!
Deep down, we are all “foodies” - or in other terms, “enthusiasts of food.” One of the most exciting aspects of traveling overseas is trying new exotic culinary dishes. Hvar is not only a relaxing island away from your busy city life, but they also offer extraordinary Dalmatian cuisine. Are you ready for a tasty adventure of good food (or spiza as the locals would say)?

Hvar is along the Dalmatian coast and meals along this coast are heavily influenced by their Italian ancestry. The meals usually start with a pasta dish such as the always popular black risotto made with squid ink sauce. Most of the food is boiled and very light, and seasoned with homemade olive oil and seasonal herbs like chopped parsley.
Dalmatian cuisine relies heavily on the fresh fish and seafood that are caught but meat isn't forgotten. Thin slices of smoked Dalmatian ham are often on the appetizer list. Dalmatian pasticada is a meat stew (beef stuffed with lard and roasted in wine and spices) served with gnocchi.

As Hvar is famous for its wine, you can pair wine with any meal that you eat in this town. Don't forget dessert where you can try pećica na tećicu which is fresh goat's cheese fried with sugar and rožata - a juicy egg and milk pudding.

Suncani Hvar Hotels offers an amazing Taste Hvar package where all your senses will be taken on a gentle aromatic walk and culinary island picnic. You will join a Hvar botanist who guides you through the island's lush hills and valleys. Learn from his botanical knowledge as he helps you gather a variety of herbs and introduce you to a new world of aromatic wonders. Then enjoy a picnic lunch to use the herbs you have collected and spice up your meal.
Everything just sounds delicious.

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