Friday, 3 September 2010

Restaurants in Hvar

The Croatian island of Hvar has carved out a modest niche with its traditional cuisine, and tiny 'restaurants' – little more than a few tables in somebody's house – offering simple but delicious fare.

"Pomalo" (meaning slowly, or little by little) is the word exchanged between locals as they go about their daily routines in Hvar. "Pomalo", they say to each other as their paths cross on the way to the fields and vineyards. "Pomalo" when they meet in the shade of the palm trees to watch the ships in the harbor and gossip over a morning coffee. "Pomalo" as they discuss the night catch at the fishmongers, or pass on the way home from the market with fresh food for lunch swinging in plastic bags. Perhaps it's this frequently repeated advice, as much taken as given, that is responsible for the relaxed, timeless atmosphere that dominates Hvar – that is central to its cuisine.

Hvar is probably best known for two main things, its weather and its food. Traditional cooking and the island's laid-back feel, combined with an understanding and appreciation of fresh produce and fish, makes Hvar cuisine so delightful. The people of this Croatian island are far from lazy, but they do follow their own rhythm – a lifestyle dictated by the seasons, weather, and the simple fact of being surrounded by a vast blue sea – and the food is equally straightforward and authentic.

In Hvar Town itself, restaurants are plentiful, especially by the piazza, flanked by bars and eateries, serving the ubiquitous pasta and pizza, but also local Dalmatian delicacies such as octopus salad, black risotto, boiled langoustines, brodetto fish stew and lobster pasta, usually sided by aubergine and pepper. Above in the winding narrow alleyways of the tiny old town, the Menego Tavern serves its own wine and specialties like ‘drunk figs.’

Without a doubt Suncani Hvar Hotels hosts the most exclusive restaurants on the island, providing vibrant ambiences and savory dishes, with local ingredients and spectacular views. The Val Marina restaurant at the Hotel Adriana boasts mouth-watering dishes such as the octopus tempura, lobster carpaccio and truffle pasta as well as offering the chef’s selection of the daily catch.

Day or night, an idyllic romantic setting at a Suncani Hvar Hotel is just steps away. The signature eatery of the Amfora Grand Beach Resort is the Maestral Yacht Deck Restaurant, named after the region's pleasant, westerly breeze. The Maestral offers the finest aspects of a traditional Dalmatian konoba and sets them to unsurpassed bayside ambiance. Here you'll savor Dalmatia's grilled specialties and fine wines in a romantic atmosphere accentuated by teak wood and candlelight.

The unsurpassed ambiance provided by Bonj 'les bains' turn-of-the-century architecture and marvel at the wide-open view of Amfora Bay from its Steak and sea-food restaurant makes it Hvar’s premiere spot for fine dining and lounging. Bonj’s irresistible charm, delicious food and romantic atmosphere is simply a winning combination that will make you love it at very first sight.

Far from the traditions of Croatia and the island of Hvar, within the Riva Yacht Harbour Hotel, lays the European renowned Japanese restaurant, Sora. The philosophy of food at Sora is to offer a contemporary, sophisticated twist on the traditional Japanese style of eating. The concept behind Sora cuisine is to deliver an authentic flavor of the east while respecting the traditions of the past.

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