Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Extend Your Summer on the Sunniest Island in the Mediterranean

Autumn may officially arrive this week but not here in Hvar. The change in seasons traditionally marks the transition from summer into winter but on the sunniest island in the Mediterranean, when you arrive; expect to fall in love with this bright and sunny emerald in the Adriatic Sea where the water is crystal clear. With 2715 hours of sunshine each year, tourists from all over the world visit Hvar not only during the summer but also throughout the year.

Why not extend your summer with us on the island of Hvar? Whether you wish to relax and unwind by the pool, indulge in a massage or participate in guided excursions, activities and programs, look no further than Suncani Hvar Hotels. No matter if you’re travelling individually, with your partner, or with your family – we’ve got activities for you! Here are some highlights!

Our Sea in the Sky

Enclosed by a unique canopy system enabling it to both open air and indoor, taking a dip in Adriana’s heated seawater pool is like swimming in a sea in the sky. Surrounded by a spacious deck with captivating views of Hvar’s city, hills, and bay, guests can take a break and enjoy an invigorating swim, read a book, or just relax in the sun.

Escape Into Relaxation

Located within the Adriana hotel, Sensori Spa is the first full-service international spa in the Croatian islands as well as a member of the Leading Spas of the World.

Sensori Spa will introduce you to the concept of holistic wellness, offering services and experiences that will help you live healthier and feel more renewed in addition to making you look your best. Indulge your senses in unique spa experiences that you can see, hear, touch, taste smell and feel.

Sensori Spa offers both indoor and outdoor facilities, a full array of wet and dry treatment rooms, a VIP spa suite, nail salon, lounges, movement studio, whirlpool, signature steamrooom and rooftop seawater pool!

Journey Through Time

Explore the most culturally rich spots in town with our Hvar Town Special and discover the historical legacy of the island. The town citadel, medieval walls, monasteries and palaces await you! You can also take a tour of Stari Grad. With beautiful Greek antiquity, the town is filled with white stone houses and an atmosphere that often turns visitors into residents!

Sightseeing tours are also available for Vrboska (known as “Little Venice” of Hvar island) Jelsa (one of the largest towns on the island) and Pitve (a quaint village). Read more information about these tours here. Private tours of the island are also possible by request.

Are you a history buff? Hvar holds a special place in the history of Croatia, being one of the centers of Croatian literature during the Renaissance. Prominent writers in Hvar included Petar Hektorović and Hanibal Lucić. Today, in Stari Grad, tourists can Tvrdalj Castle, the fortress/summer villa that was home to Petar Hektorović and architectonically designed by him as well. Another famous Hvar resident was Ivan Vučetić, a police official, who perfected dactyloscopy, the identification method by fingertips.

Check out the full list of all our Hvar Experience activities and ideas here and enjoy all the perks that come along with being a guest of Suncani Hvar Hotels!

Experience an unforgettable end of summer island holiday. Treat yourself, or a loved one, to one of our special offers where superior rooms are available from 99€. There is something for everyone!

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