Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I have recently interviewed the new manager of Hotel Adriana, Renata Lichtberger, a lady with 25 years' experience in the industry. One thing that came across very strongly was her aim to personalize the leisure experience and to provide the ambiance for guests to truly enjoy their stay in her hotel. 
Quite by chance, I found myself staying at the Adriana, due to other events in Hvar Town, and after a very refreshing night's rest and some early blogging, I went to check it out. I wasn't going to bother with breakfast, but I thought I would pop in and have some orange juice. 
And then I saw the spread.
It was partly the food, it was partly the service, it was definitely more than partly the stunning location - possibly the best terrace on the waterfront - but it was also very much the realization of Renata's goal - the enjoyment of personalized leisure with great ambiance.
The food? Excellent, well beyond my expectations, and with an option for everyone. Real bacon and eggs, a great selection of grilled veggies, to croissants and pastries, to hams and cheeses, to fresh salmon, to cereals and yogurts, and a selection of juices. It is all there. Well prepared and well presented, as it should be in such a good hotel.
There is a great terrace outside, wide and relaxed with a simply breathtaking view, to people watch or just relax and take in the sheer beauty of Hvar. To the left, a view straight down the main square to the Cathedral, a  vista which stretches the length of the waterfront and then out to the Pakleni Islands - an ideal place to laze away an hour or two with a good book.
Breakfast is from 7 - 11, and is open to non-residents for a price of 99 kuna. For me it's a very good spread, great ambiance and the chance to while away a couple of hours on the best terrace on the waterfront, while taking in the magic of Hvar, I think it is very good value.

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