Monday, 16 April 2012

Guests' satisfaction is my ultimate goal

At Renata Lichtberger's helm, who has been appointed new hotel manager, Adriana enters a new season ready to meet all needs of international clientele and maximize the potential of Hvar's leading spa hotel.

After 25 years in the hotel business, including 10 years for the Intercontinental Hotel Group, as well as stints at Falkensteiner Hotels and Croatia's largest tour operator, Generalturist, Renata Lichtberger has taken on her sunniest challenge yet - the running of Hvar's premier hotel. Meet the new manager of Hotel Adriana.

Welcome to Hvar. Why Adriana?
It is very nice to be here. Why Adriana? I wanted the challenge of running a hotel providing tailor-made service to guests, to personalize the sophistication of service.

What are the diffences between running a hotel in Zagreb and on a premier tourist island?
In Zagreb, the majority of guests were associated with business and meetings, and while there was tourism, it was mostly group leisure. While our business and conference bookings are increasing, the big difference is that here at Adriana, we are dealing with individuals, allowing the opportunity to create the personalized leisure experience.

If there is one legacy you would like to leave after your time at Suncani, what would it be?
Quite simply to instill the joy of service and the sense of achievement in having a satisfied guest. I want the staff to get used to the sheer pleasure of knowing a satisfied guest has left the hotel very happy.

Non-residents of hotels often shy away from the services on offer. Give us three reasons why people should visit Adriana, even if they are not staying there.
We welcome non-residents and have plenty to offer. If I had to limit our attractions to three, the first would be without question the chance to have a drink and experience the astonishing view from the Top Bar, surely one of the best views in Croatia. Secondly would be the wonderful selection of wellness options available at the Sensori Spa, sophisticated spa treatments at an affordable price. And finally, I invite non-residents to come and try the excellent food, all freshly prepared.

How are bookings for the season?
Very good so far, and we are looking forward to a successful year with many satisfied guests. One thing that has been particularly pleasing so early in my time here has been the fabulous guest comments we have received.

What do you see as your greatest challenge?
The challenge is quite simple - to have each guest confirm that they have experienced their stay in the hotel the way I envisage it – a sophisticated, tailor-made and personalized service.

You sound a busy lady. How much have you explored Hvar, and what is your favourite place?
I have only been here a month, and working mostly in the hotel, but I have pleasant memories of a holiday in Jelsa 30 years ago, and as for my favourite place, the main square in Hvar Town is the centre of everything, and has a wonderful atmosphere. But i am looking forward to discovering more of this great island when time permits - but only when all the guests have left satisfied.


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