Thursday, 8 December 2011

New Year on the island of sun – more than celebration

What is your ideal scenario for New Years? Looking simply for a good party or have something more original in mind?
The abundance of offers can really be overwhelming and it's really not so easy to decide where to go or what to choose. Everyone is offering excitement, music, dance, simply - plenty of fun, and the New Year is indeed the time to finally relax in a good mood and in festive spirit.
However, New Year in the city can be hectic and noisy, and don't we all need some time just for ourselves, away from the everyday rush and commercial pressure that we are so intensively exposed to, especially at this time of year.
Do we really need to spend a lot of time and money to have a ‘sparkling’, stressful New Years that will perhaps be fun, but in the end will only leave us with a hangover to remember it by?
What about a relaxing New Years break for a change? What about a picturesque island setting, a small boutique hotel where everybody will know your name, where you will be pampered and feel at home? What about nice, relaxing wellness and spa treatments scented with aromatic oil produced from locally grown herbs, authentic, high quality wines and delicious Mediterranean food served by hospitable locals?
These are only fragments of the scenario of unique Hvar New Years experience that we have designed for those who simply want something different and original. Something that will make us remembers all the scents and flavours, all the precious moments, all the feelings, pictures and colours.
We design it for those who want to enjoy the magical qualities of our island in December, who is keen to have moments of pleasure and authentic experience, for those looking for a romantic getaway to enter a new chapter of their lives refreshed, relaxed and enriched with a new memorable experience.

We wish you all a happy New Year and see you in Hvar!
Your Suncani Hvar team

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