Friday, 19 August 2011

So Hvar so good

If Croatia is recognized as ‘a small country for a great vacation’ then Hvar is ‘a small island for the greatest vacation in Croatia’. Sounds pretentious and arrogant? If you ever been to Hvar then you for sure know what I am talking about.
The popularity of Hvar seems to be growing year after year as the word is spreading around the globe very fast. At the beginning compared to Ibiza or Saint Tropez, Hvar is slowly but surely becoming an international brand for itself.
What’s the catch? There is no doubt that the island’s nature is amazing, tradition and cultural heritage fascinating, that wine and food are great and people are friendly, but all these attributes can be easily used (and often are) to describe any of the Croatian islands. What makes Hvar so irresistible then? No one can really tell. Hvar’s simply a lovable place, offering a winning combination of fun, leisure, luxury, authenticity, local simplicity and international open minded spirit…it’s so colourful, so inspiring and so, well, unique - and whenever you mention Hvar to someone who has ever been there, you can bet that you are going to get the same reaction – a big smile followed by a sentimental sigh….from Bosnia to Brazil, the reaction is pretty much the same.
Summer stories from Hvar are told as legends. Sitting next to Kevin Spacey while having a morning cappuccino at the BB-club, or seeing John Malkovich eating his ice-cream with locals, this is part of Hvar’s everyday scenery. Apart from a few local paparazzi lined up in front of Riva hotel celebrities have nothing else to worry about. As one of Croatian TV stars said: I love Hvar since I can be glamorous and in the centre of attention if I want to, but also if I choose to swim naked and have bad hair day, I can always find a spot to be invisible.
TV characters, politicians, models, football players, mysterious multi- millionaire on gigantic, surreal yachts, but also back packers and students on their budget-limited summer tours. All of them share the same passion for a good time. Hvar’s for hedonists, not elitist at all, not exclusive but wide open for everyone and all. And this being so for over 140 years, how long the tradition of organized tourism is in Hvar and it will be so for as long as there will be people looking for the greatest vacation Croatia has to offer!

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