Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Hvar Time Capsule

Hvar buried a time capsule today.
In light of celebrating 400 years of the oldest public theatre in Europe, Hvar’s Mayor Pjerino Bebić initiated a Time Capsule (Škatula za sne) project. 

Everyone was invited to contribute with anything which they considered to represent a cultural wealth of current times. The idea was to burry this ‘box of dreams’ for a hundred years under a palm tree in the park.   

Klapa Šušur was singing the 'Škatula za sne' song during the event

In 2113, the Time Capsule will be dug from the ground and future people of Hvar will find out what life was like today. Citizens contributed with photos, stories and memories, and special commission was formed to decide which of the objects will represent our way of life the best. 

They chose around 200 objects, like agave lace made by Benedictine nuns, photos and videos of Hvar, traditional Hvar products (honey, olive oil, prošek - sweet dessert wine), photo and video camera, Mayor’s mobile phone with all the contacts etc. The burial was scheduled for March 24th but was delayed due to bad weather.

The ceremony was a theatrical media event and grand finale was letting go of red balloons into the air to celebrate 400th anniversary of Hvar’s historical theatre.

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