Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Magic of Hvar

Voted one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world and praised by renowned international publications, the island of Hvar has been known for the healing qualities of its pure air and crystal clear sea since ancient Greek times. 

In the heart of Europe, Hvar's uniquely sunny microclimate, unspoiled landscape, and rich cultural heritage made it one of the first tourist resorts in the Adriatic.
From the moment you wake to the sound of the crickets in the morning and take your first deep breath of Hvar’s aromatic air, you’ll find yourself beckoned into Hvar’s garden. Whether you take a hike into the hills or don a mask and plunge into the azure waters, the flourishing flora and fauna of Hvar will tantalize your senses.

Rich with a variety of Mediterranean trees and plants, Hvar is a place where the air is perpetually thick with scent. In fact, many visitors cite the air as being one of their most memorable experiences on the island. 

The island nourishes many agave plants; they are true queens of the stone.  It sometimes takes few decades for them to flourish. They mature very slowly and die after just one flowering. The Benedictine nuns in the town of Hvar are very famous for using agave to make art which is under UNESCO protection. Do you know what they make?

You could experience paradise this summer. We are offering you a combination of sun, beaches, nightlife, heritage and agro-tourism and we are hosting the final day of the inaugural Ultra Europe festival on July 14th. The reward is worth the travel.
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