Friday, 30 July 2010

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The beautiful island of Hvar is one of the top tourism destinations in Croatia. Voted as one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world and praised by renowned international publications, Hvar is known for the healing qualities of its pure air and its stunning coastlines along the crystal clear sea.
Five years ago, Orco Property Group entered into a shareholder agreement with the Croatian Privatization Fund and became the property managers of Suncani Hvar Hotels (SHH).
As a result, 10 out of the 14 hotels in Hvar became part of the Orco family. Because of this, it is estimated that Orco Property Group essentially contributes to the livelihood of 75% of the Hvar population, whether through direct employment or via family members of employees.
In order to make Hvar one of the top travel destinations in the Mediterranean, Orco redeveloped 450 hotel rooms on the island, turning them into intimate, luxurious and relaxing hideaways. We aimed to embody the natural beauty of the island and its culture within the walls of Suncani Hvar. (Check out pictures of Suncani Hvar here.)
Committed to the communities in which we operate, Orco supports the island of Hvar, the County of Split and Croatia as a whole through numerous charitable donations and sponsorships. Over the past five years under Orco’s management, Sunčani Hvar has donated more than 200.000 Euros to various causes including:
The Museum of Hvar Heritage
Hvar Fire Brigade
Hvar Plebeian Theatre
The Rotary Club of Hvar
Association for Autism – Split
“Mornar” Sailing Club, Split
Brave Telephone Association, Zagreb

In addition to those listed, Orco has also contributed to scholarships, provided no-interest loans to small businesses and have provided our hotels as venues for local causes. Also, the amount of 46.000 Euros was donated in the name of SHH's Supervisory Board members who represent Orco Property Group to Volunteers Fire Brigade Hvar. Hvar has been a place of major investment for Orco, who have injected a massive amount of time, talent and money into the island. The renovations and upgrades that Orco Property Group undertook within Suncani Hvar Hotels brought international media attention to the properties and a new influx of visitors to the island of Hvar. This new clientele helps to boost the economy by purchasing goods and services from local Hvar businesses during their stay.
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